OVATION Airform Brown Dressage Girth 402014BLK

OVATION Airform Brown Dressage Girth (402014BLK)

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  • OVATION Airform Brown Dressage Girth (402014BLK)
  • OVATION Airform Brown Dressage Girth (402014BLK)
  • OVATION Airform Brown Dressage Girth (402014BLK)


Features of OVATION Airform Brown Dressage Girth (402014BLK)

  • Cushioned and textured for air flow, it stays incredibly soft no matter how much use it gets
  • It can be sponged clean in seconds and is hypo-allergenic
  • Made with stainless steel roller buckles to extend the use of the girth straps and your hands
  • Keeps hold the dressage girth neatly in place
  • Features elastic at both ends

Product Info for OVATION Airform Brown Dressage Girth (402014BLK)

Ovation Airform Dressage Girth is soft and cushioned for the ultimate in comfort for your horse. The girth is not only soft and padded, but also allows air flow to keep the skin cooler and allow sweat to evaporate quicker.
This flexible dressage girth will stay soft even under heavy usage. It is hypo-allergenic so it is suitable for the sensitive skin.
The Ovation Airform Chafeless Dressage Girth can be quickly sponged off for easy maintenance and its stainless steel roller buckles make it a cinch to attach to your dressage saddle.


Ovation girths come in Dressage as well as English styles. Within the English all purpose styles choices can be made amongst elastic on both ends, on one end or neither, comfort gel girths, equalizer girths as well as girths with belly guards.
The girth itself can be contoured or straight, made of leather, synthetic or even cord.
Dressage girths are shorter because of the long dressage saddle billets. Ovation dressage girths come in comfort gel, web, equalizer as well as web girth styles.
Ovation girths are part of the Ovation line of horse tack that offers quality at exceptionally good prices.

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