• Leica

    LEICA CRF Tripod Adapter (42232)

    Features of LEICA CRF Tripod Adapter (42232) Nice little helper to adjust your Rangemaster on a tripodPerfect for long distance measurements and small objectsDesigned with protective rubber inside the contact surface areaAvoids damage on the CRF...
  • Leupold

    LEUPOLD Binocular Tripod Adapter (118660)

    Features of LEUPOLD Binocular Tripod Adapter (118660) Fits all Leupold BinocularsWith the binocular tripod adapter, you can enjoy the same steady view with your binoculars that's normally reserved for spotting scopesMatte Black FinishLeupold Full...
  • Nikon

    NIKON Black RangeX 4K Tripod Mount (16645)

    Features of NIKON Black RangeX 4K Tripod Mount (16645) Designed for easy mounting of the rangefinder to a tripod for ultra-steady rangingCan utilize either the integral ARCA Swiss release system or traditional 1/4" -20 tripod socket for...
  • Nikon

    NIKON Monarch/Aculon Tripod Adapter (8177)

    Features of NIKON Monarch/Aculon Tripod Adapter (8177) Quick, easy set-upAllows for stable viewingFor Monarch, Action and Action Extreme Product Info for NIKON Monarch/Aculon Tripod Adapter (8177) The NIKON Tripod Adapter for Monarch and Aculon...
  • Vortex

    VORTEX Picatinny Rail Tripod Mount (PTM)

    Features of VORTEX Picatinny Rail Tripod Mount (PTM) Vortex Versatile Mount SystemProvides tripod mounting capability to Recon R/T while using the VMS kit components Product Info for VORTEX Picatinny Rail Tripod Mount (PTM) The VORTEX Picatinny...
  • Vortex

    VORTEX Pro GT Quick-Release Plate (PRO-2-P)

    Features of VORTEX Pro GT Quick-Release Plate (PRO-2-P) Versatile tripod accessory by Vortex OpticsCompatible with the Vortex Pro GT TripodAllows you to mount devices on the three-way panhead of the Pro GT tripodQuick release functionality for...
  • Vortex

    VORTEX Pro GT Tripod (PRO-2)

    Features of VORTEX Pro GT Tripod (PRO-2) Anodized aluminum legs for sturdy supportPadded leg wraps for added comfortFlip lever leg locks for rapid set up and height adjustmentQuick-release plate and locking mechanismBalance hook holds extra weight...
  • Vortex

    VORTEX Summit SS-P Tripod (ST-5)

    Features of VORTEX Summit SS-P Tripod (ST-5) Anodized aluminum legs for sturdy support Product Info for VORTEX Summit SS-P Tripod (ST-5) Our ultimate field-packing tripod, the Summit SS-P provides the perfect combination of size, weight, rugged...
  • Vortex

    VORTEX Tripod Adapter (400)

    Features of VORTEX Tripod Adapter (400) Quick and easy attachmentMaximizes performance1/4-inch threading at the top attaches to any tripod-adaptable binoculars1/4-inch x 20mm standard threading on the base fits directly onto most any tripod and car...
  • Zeiss

    ZEISS Tripod Professional (000000-2169-972)

    Features of ZEISS Tripod Professional (000000-2169-972) Provides utmost stability and ?exibilityCan be combined with all Zeiss spotting scopes and most binocularsTripod head allows for particularly soft panning and tiltingIncludes a slideable...