LaserMax Micro Infrared Laser Sight (LMS-MICRO-IR)

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Features of LaserMax Micro Infrared Laser Sight (LMS-MICRO-IR)

  • Ultra lightweight, durable design
  • Infrared laser beam is only visible through night vision devices
  • The smallest and most lightweight IR laser available
  • Fits virtually any firearm with an accessory rail
  • Dual tap-on activation switch for right and left-handed shooters
  • Quick and easy installation
  • 30 hours pulse or 15 hours constant of battery life
  • Black finish
  • 5 year manufacturer warranty

Product Info for LaserMax Micro Infrared Laser Sight (LMS-MICRO-IR)

The LASERMAX Infrared Micro Rail Mounted Laser (LMS-MICRO-IR) has over 20 years of LaserMax IR technology in itproviding IR technology in a size that fits sub compat pistols. It widely used by military and law enforcement. Small as a matchbox and only weighing as much as a single .45 ACP round, this IR Micro Rail Mounted Laser hold zero shot after shot after shot.

It a super rugged and water-resistant too in all weather conditions, and when you need to adjust it which won't be often it's easy. In no-light situations, there's no better feeling than having a super reliable LaserMax IR laser on your firearm. is an authorized LaserMax dealer

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Sizing & Specs

  Laser Wavelength, nm     850 (IR)  
  Power Output, mW     <0.7  
  Beam     .5" x 1" at 20 yards  
  Beam Characteristics     Pulsed 10Hz for rapid acquisition or constant  
  Battery Type     1/3N Lithium (2)  
  Battery Life, hrs     15 hours constant;
  30 pulse  
  Lens     Glass Asphere  
  Weight, oz     0.5  
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Additional Information

Battery Type:
1/3N Lithium
Product Type:
Laser Sights
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