IST Pro Ear Pressure Equalization Mask
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IST Pro Ear Pressure Equalization Mask

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  • IST Pro Ear Pressure Equalization Mask
  • IST Pro Ear Pressure Equalization Mask
  • IST Pro Ear Pressure Equalization Mask


Features of IST Pro Ear Pressure Equalization Mask

  • Special tube and seal system automatically equalizes ear pressure as diver exhales into mask
  • Prevents pressure-induced ear ache (barotrauma)
  • Enhanced underwater hearing and sense of direction
  • Watertight ear cups keep water out to keep ears warm and prevent infection
  • Optical prescription lens option available in diopters from -1.0 to -8.0 in -0.5 decrement

Product Info for IST Pro Ear Pressure Equalization Mask

Even the most seasoned divers sometimes experience conditions that make pressure equalization difficult, and every diver faces the risk of ear infection when diving in polluted. This is where the IST Pro Ear Pressure Equalization Mask comes in.

Watertight ear cups and one-way air-flow system tubes connecting the mask to the ear covers keep external water and air out to maintain ear canals at the same pressure as the diver's nasal cavities. The diver simply exhales through the nose into the mask as needed to keep equal pressure on both sides of the ear drum. When depth (and pressure) increase, maintaining equalization is as easy as exhaling through the nose once again. Together, the mask, ear cups and respiratory tubes become a closed circuit, equalized air pressure system.

With the diver's hair swept back and out of the way, soft silicone ear cups form a watertight seal between the ear drum and the cup to keep water out, which helps keep ears warm underwater and prevents polluted or cold water from getting into the ear canals. As an added bonus, the air pocket created by the ear cups greatly improves hearing and auditory sense of direction underwater.

High-grade hypoallergenic silicone construction with tempered glass lenses. Soft, flexible skirt conforms to a wide range of facial profiles. Large silicone strap with swivel buckles offers a secure, custom fit. is an authorized IST dealer

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