• Kenetrek

    KENETREK 8oz Boot Wax (KE-WAX)

    Features of KENETREK 8oz Boot Wax (KE-WAX) The best dressing and waterproofingMade with a combination of natural vegetable oils, beeswax, and other "special" ingredientsConditions and waterproofs the leather of your bootsReadily absorbs into any kind...
  • Korkers

    KORKERS Apex Ice Cleat (OA8500)

    Features of KORKERS Apex Ice Cleat (OA8500) 20 multi-directional saw-tooth stainless steel cleats offer superior grip on hard packed snow and icePatent-pending design allows cleats to be mechanically bonded into the TPR platform through injection...
  • Korkers

    KORKERS Ice Runner (OA9300)

    Features of KORKERS Ice Runner (OA9300) 22 ultra durable push-through replaceable carbide spikes for ice-biting, on-demand tractionLightweight, minimal and supportive for winter runningBOA-Fit: Dial in the perfect fitand adjust on the fly when...